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BLACK FRIDAY, why not?

by | Nov 23, 2020 | STUFF | 0 comments

This year and for the following ones, we’ve decided not to participate in the BLACK FRIDAY, and this is why. . . 

Done! We are officially out of the BLACK FRIDAY loop. Because at KYTONE, we stand for quality: we think and produce clothing and accessories made to last. 

Let’s just say that Black Friday and its mass consuming movements are finally at the antithesis of our values. Coming from the vintage, custom and ride culture, the brand is based on robust materials that will follow you over time. 

Our decision comes from this spirit on which KYTONE is made, as much as from a real desire to be part of an ethical and environmental approach. No Green Washing story here, just an awareness that we share within the team and that we want to spread in our community.

Our materials and production line are carefully selected in France and Portugal where we have a real knowledge and transparency of the path of our products. The deal is to make real quality with fair prices. 

KYTONE isn’t just a brand, it’s a passion for culture and community, an authenticity that defines us and is driven by a small team that puts all its efforts into maintaining this balance. 

We hope that you will support us in this process, you can always benefit from discounts on our products in the OUTLET section of the shop!

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