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Your Pot’Cho or one of your waxed cotton jackets is starting to show signs of weakness? It’s normal!

Waxed cotton is fabulous: water repellent, windproof, while remaining elegant and (relatively) light, it must however benefit from a little attention from time to time to age properly.

In order to restore all its capabilities, just give it a little wax!

Thanks to Michel, from the shop Heritage Station in Geneva , we will explain how to do it.

Material required

  • Wax. We have a preference for the Waxed Cotton Dressing by British Millerain (our waxed cotton being made by them, it is the most suitable wax)
  • A soft brush
  • Clean rags
  • A soft brush
  • Hot water (in a container it is preferable)
  • The piece to be waxed (otherwise what are you doing there?)

Waxed Cotton preparation

Brossez bien pour éliminer toute la poussière

Clean your jacket or Pot’Cho with the soft brush and possibly a damp cloth. Pay special attention to the seams and pleats, in order to have as little dust as possible

Let it dry completely before going to the next step

The hot wax stage

Heat your wax until it is liquid, preferably in a double boiler.

Dip the brush and apply over the entire garment, again emphasizing the seams. Do not hesitate to apply by crossing the passages to penetrate well into the material

Wipe off the excess with a cloth and go to the next step.

Drying and finishing

Let the wax dry completely.

Once the wax has solidified, brush again to remove any excess. Be careful not to brush too hard.

Your waxed cotton has now regained its water repellency!

To conclude

Waxed cotton is a noble material, which will give you the care you give it for many years. Like leather, it will evolve and skate in a unique way!

But above all, never wash your Pot’Cho or your beautiful jacket in the machine! It risks damaging it irreparably!

Thanks again to Michel from Heritage Station in Geneva for the photos and advice!