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Florian seen by Pal Photo

When Thomas, the founder of Kytone crossed paths with Florian Lestrade during an Apache Trip in the Spanish Basque country, he did not hesitate to offer him a partnership! Kytone was a newbie brand, Florian has an endearing personality and crazy talent … why not grow together and see where fate takes us?

Because Florian got on a skateboard for the first time at the age of 10, a bit by chance during his vacation … And he hasn’t gotten off since. In just a few years, he has reached a level that those of us who have always struggled to land a flip envy him!

Miniflo also qualified for the French street championships … but this damn COVID19 deprived him of competition last April. It’s only a postponement!

And if at barely 15 years old, he dreams of being able to make a living from his passion and to ride all the legendary parks of California, he works hard at school to become an Aeronautical Engineer … Maybe he will happen to finally invent Marty McFly’s flying skateboard!

When he’s not riding and not at school, Florian does a bit of tennis (just to finish his knee joints), plays billiards (to work on precision), books (Mens Sana In Corpore) Sano) and listen to music (would miss him more if he is good on the guitar too …)

You can follow MiniFlo on Instagram to see how fast he is progressing!